Monday, January 25, 2010

Blogging while taking Saline

My god am i sore after yesterdays run. Very fast run. it was a 12 mile run. Fairly hard. On hills too. The fog cleared which was good. After i finished i tried to eat, and i wasnt hungry at all, for the rest of the day. But this is the time where you have to eat and force yourself to eat.
As i said before, i wanted to start making clothes. Dresses and stuff like that. I made a tie today. A denim one. I couldnt find one in the shops so i just had a bit of denim material. It doesnt look too bad. I could actually wear it.
I went for a run today. 11 miles. My chest was bad after the hard run. Very chesty. I had to take the ventolin because i didnt want to let anything get inflammed. Thats one thing about CF that has to be done. React quickly and before anything can happen. This is one of the main points that i have learned over the years to be able to lead any sort of normal life. If you feel, or hear a cough coming on, get it sorted. Its so important that i cant even say it enough. Its the way i have always been, and the way my parents have always been. And in the future, if i have a CF child (hope to God i dont) i will be like that too.
I got my hair cut today. My dad and my sister are both hairdressers for Peter Mark. My sister is only starting out so i let her loose on my hair. However, it took 2 hours to get it cut. My arse was killing me. But it looks good.

Oh and the title. Im taking saline at the moment. pep mask after it. and looking forward to a fast 10 miles in the morning.

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