Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Fog

There was a film made about 8 years ago. It was called The Fog. It was a stupid film where the fog came in from the sea and killed people. The fog carried dead pirates or something. Im not sure why i even watched it. The title explains how bad it is. Anyway, the relevance of it and my story is that i felt like the pirate where out to kill me. I went on a 10 mile run. Before i even got out of my estate i was in bits. Actually when i woke up this morning i was in bits. I was coughing and getting up white mucus? Yesterday i was perfect. Every time the fog comes i get very chesty and i find it hard to run. I finished the 10 miles anyway. It was hard but at leasts its done. I havent had rest day now in over a week, and i probably wont be getting one now for weeks. This week i will have run 70miles. Well actually 69, but i round it off. I was talking to my coach yesterday and he actually said i had a few extra pounds. HAHA. Imagine saying that to a CF. However, i think he was right. Me weighing all of 58kg. Nevertheless, i weighed myself and im now 54kg. I lost 4kg over Christmas??? That doesnt make sense.

5 days now until im in Portugal. There is a picture of where im going. The building that looks like steps is where im staying, and 18 degrees is the temprature at the moment which is fairly poor. Thats not that hot. Anyway, its hotter then -3.
For the last few years iv always wanted to make dresses or a suit. My nan was a seamstress and and grand aunt was a tailor for Richard Alans and a few other big name shops. So i think its in my blood to make clothes. Today i started to use the sewing machine. Trying to get straight lines and to get to grip with the machine. I made a pillow slip on my first day. I drew a few designs out for the dresses. A 60s bow dress is what i will be making first. Cant wait. Il have to get myself a French or Italian name so it sounds better. Suggestions are welcome.

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