Thursday, January 21, 2010

Undercover cop car

Dunshaughlin. Population 4000. Its easy to spot the only undercover police car in the town. a spotless white, ford, unmarked car. How obvious can one get. So whenever anyone sees it they slow down or drive correctly. So, i was driving down to order coal today when i saw the police car make a very swift 180 degree turn in the village and follow me down to the hardware shop. I wouldnt blame him, because i look about 14, driving a car that looks like a powerful car. It is powerful but thats besides the point. As i pulled into the car park, i waited and used my phone. He waited too. So i went in, ordered my coal, got other fire utensils and looked over to my left. He couldnt have been more obvious if he was looking over at me while pretending to look at a magazine that was upside down. As i left, he put whatever he had in his hand and walked out after me. I was struggling to open the car door so he waited in his car while i left. As i left he took off after me and followed me all the way to the shops. Im not sure what he was after, or why he did it, but it made my lunchtime somewhat amusing.
Yesterday, and today i ran 10 miles. Fairly steady. It was good. i have an easy 10 miles tomorrow. Cant wait. My legs are kind of tired so i might avail of my colleague and get a massage soon. I think i need one.
I am a sports therapist, which means i massage but i also do personal training. Here is some tips on how to make your lungs better.

1 - take asprin every other day. helps asthma by 22% (wouldnt advice it tho)
2-Dumbbell Pullovers. Helps intercostal muscles,which helps expand lungs quicker becasue more air is able to get in.
3-Hydration. helps trachea stay moist,which makes it easier to cough up mucus.
4-breathing thru a straw for 10mins. Works the lungs harder.Like doing weight for your lungs.and cheaper then commercial equipment.
5-Crunches. BORNING but helps your diaphragm contract better resulting in more air flow.

I came up with this and also read tip number 1. But i think thats an extreme option.
My chest is acting pretty good considering to Tobi. I havent coughed up blood with the increase of miles. I also havent had to cough up and phlegm since i went to London.
I was sitting down with my girlfriend today. She was talking about therapy and was it hard to do. So i got her to practice on me. After about 3 minutes i heard her grunting and making weird noises. When i turned around to look on her, the face on her was like she was finishing a marathon, in pain and striggling to continue. But she is good at tickling me. Tickling is a great form of therapy and gets mucus up effectively.

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