Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CF News Letter

I got the CF news letter in the door today. The last article reads "People with CF have less tolerance to exercise" so on so forth. Then it goes on to say that we get leg fatigue and so on. This really does annoy me. Obviously i dont suffer from any bloody exercise tolerance of any sort. So why say "PEOPLE WITH CF". Generalising. TUT TUT. Thats another thing. All we hear about with CF is the bad stories and life expectancies. If we look at all the papers or articles all we read is "life expectancy is 40". So that means I have 17 years left. When i was younger i was told il die at 10. When i got to 10, they said 20. So im 23 and now they done put a number on me.

Why do we only read about the bad stories with CF? I KNOW. Because the CF foundation and fund raising wont get any money from people hearing about the good stories. But what about hope. if an article was printed about some one who runs 110 miles a week, wouldnt it give parents and people with CF hope that its not just all about doom and gloom. Without hope people will start to think whats the point in doing all this therapy if we dont even get to live a normal life. Its wrong. It really does do my head in.
Maybe im wrong but this is what i interpret from it.

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