Sunday, February 28, 2010


Race was ok. It was a good run, but not a good race. As in a would be happy if it was a training run but it wasnt a race. Its hard to explain. With all the heavy training before the race, it took its toll on me. But it was fun. Not sure where i came because results are not up yet.
Friday was a very hard day. I woke up at 7.20 and went for a 10mile run. Straight after that i went to work. Only for 90 minutes but it felt like 2 days. I was so tired from my weeks training that i went for a nap. Naps are very important for recovery. I then went to work again followed up by a 5 mile run around 6 o clock.
Saturday, i actually slept until 9.30 which i was very happy with. I went training and had to do a very hard session. 2 by 2 miles. Which is running hard for 2 miles, running easy for 5 minutes and then hard again for 2 miles. With a 2 mile warm up and warm down.
Today was very different. Didnt feel good AT ALL. I had to do 20 miles. 30 minutes in the park and then up the mountains. I felt good for about the first hour, then it hit me. It felt like someone stuck energy sapping suction things to both my feet and turned it on. I was in bits. There is a view of what i ran up and down.
I pain my road tax today. 333euro for the year. Very annoying. Oh well. The smell of the roast dinner being cooked has cheered me up, so i dont care about the 333e.
Next week is going to be interesting. I arranged a meeting with the chairperson of a GAA team so i can be the therapist of the team. Some women is there at the moment but i offered him very competitive rates that he wont be able to refuse, and if he does then hes mental. I hope he wont be reading this either. But if he does then he might find out that he is mental if he turns me down. Anyway, i am also busy with work next week so thats a good complaint. Im running 110 miles next week too. Action packed week or what??

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