Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week is over.

I took my break from running. Exactly 7 days. I was itching to run. BUT, i got sick on my break. How do i manage to not get sick when im out running, and my immune system is low. Then when i dont run i get sick??? Some bug is going around. It was like a cold but then it starts goin into the chest. Im not going on an anti biotic. I acupunctured myself and its moved fairly fast. I just have a dry cough but its ok. No phlegm. I got these vitamin thingys. They have vit c, zinc and echinacha. Probably a waste of money.
I got my bloods done on monday. Loved every minute of it. HA. Iv to book the dietitian now but i cant find her number and i think shes gone on maternity leave. I cant wait to get the results to see what was low and why i found it hard to run.
I had my acupuncture test on friday. Found it hard enough. Stupid essay questions came up. I was all set for the hard thing and didn pay enough attention on the small things like anxiety. Id say i got between 70-80%.
On my 1st day back running i did a 10 mile run. I was going to do 7, but when i got to 7 i felt i needed to do more. It was a good run and im glad to be back. SHould be back up to my weekly 110 miles soon enough.

I think there is a race for CF in Mulligar on the 22nd of may. Its a 5k race. So everyone should go out and do it. Even walk it. Il be running it as a training run anyway.
My birthday is on the 20th of may so the race 2 days later should be fun. I wont win it because i will only be back 2 weeks, but it will be fun to do. Il have a huge sign on my head saying "I HAVE CF". Imagine that.

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