Monday, May 17, 2010

Start Of A New Week

Yesterday was my first sunday back. I ran 12 miles. It was actually harder then what i normally do on a sunay. 20miles. I opened up the clinic yesterday for a few players. THEY NEVER SHOWED UP. I wont be opening it up on a sunday again now. I was so bored so i made a wallet out of duct tape. I think il be using the wallet from now on. It looks fairly good. I found out people are actually selling them online. Madness. But yesterday was last week and im done with that.

I have something on everyday this week.
Today i am going to the NCAD gallery. Should be good. I love art, and i wouldnt actually mind studying in NCAD.
Tomorrow, actually tomorrow is my day off. HA.
Wednesday i am goin to a race in Santry.
Thursday is my birthday. Age 24. New week, new year, and still kickin CF in the arse.
Friday i think im going out to the cinema.
Saturday i am going out. A few of the friends all have birthdays around this week so we are having a bash.
Sunday. By the time sunday comes around i will have something to do. Dont worry.

One of my friends got into the 3rd round of X Factor. Last year there was Jedward. They run with us in the club. That girl, Azi, who was in Kandy Rain. She ran in the club too. Now my mate Richie. Madness.
My parents are away in Antigua. They are supposed to be home tomorrow, but the airports are closed, well as far as i know. So im going all out and cleaning the house. Its not "mother" clean but its clean.
Less then 2 weeks and i shall be in Portugal. Cant wait. Its high 20s there now. I am goin to be sweating my head off.
I went for the blood tests last week but i got a call that i have to go back and do it again for my glucose. I hope i dont have diabetes or something now. If i can think back, i think i had a lucozade about an hour before the test. That probably messed up the recordings.

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