Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back at it

Today was my first race in 5 months. All because of the low iron. Im 5-6 weeks back training and havent started fully traning. I probably wasnt supposed to run it but it was a CF sponsored race so i felt i had to do it. There was a good turn out at it. Roughly 600. A 28e entry fee X 600 = 16800. That doesnt count the sponsorship cards that where handed in. So in total id say they raised 20grand for CF which is amazing. Kenny Eegan (the boxer) also ran it. I came 8th i think. I ran 90 seconds faster then last year. Which is good. After the race i had to go back to the clinic to work. Dont ask me why i booked people in today. Does not make sense.
If you want to hear more about it go to i think. or

So now i have a bloody 15 mile run up the mountains tomorrow. AAAHHHH. Oh well. All in a days work!!!

If your reading this, will you tell other people about it becuase i need more people reading it. THANKS.

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