Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Is Over

I love Christmas. This years Festive season went too fast. It went by so fast that it didn't even seem like it happened. I hope everyone got what the wanted. I got more then what i wanted. Im greedy though.
I had my Christmas dinner in running gear. I went on an 90minute run on Christmas Day. Dont ask me what i was thinking. The funny thing was, i was still hungry after the dinner. I even had two desserts. I think its the way to go. Another funny thing is my eye lashes and hair was frozen. I looked like the Frost Queen.
This time of year im normally quiet in the clinic. But for some reason im working loads. I had to work on the 28th!!!! My lord. Im stopping for the 31st and il be back in on the 2nd.
"New Year, new start" No its not. Your still in the same job, same house, same people. Its just the last 2 digits on the end of the date has changed. 2010 to 2011. That doesn't mean its a fresh start. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. And New Years resolutions. Why do you wait until the 1st of Jan to start things. or the quote "im going to start it tomorrow"...let me tell you....tomorrow never comes. Rant over!!
Last year i said i would never stay in Ireland for New Years after being in London for it. Well im in Ireland. Im not going out. I dont get the whole going out buzz for new years. Everyone is drunk at about 10 and cant even count backwards from 10 down. So myself and herself are going out for a meal, and staying in with loads of goodies and watching Michael McIntyre and Inception. I cant wait!!!

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