Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Check out the article in the Spectrum that I wrote
Its on page 9/10. The article on the next page is a good one. She lived down the road from me. I can't remember but my parent tell me that this is the case.
I'm back from Portugal. Great training done over there. Wish I was still there. I'm sitting at home and iv no heating. Bloody cold! Dressing gown is a must!
I'm very sore today. Not because I'm sick, but because I ran a race on sunday. It was a 10 mile race. It went ok. Im a month back training so I was happy with the way it went. Apart from how sore I am. That's not the happy part. During the last week iv been coughing up blood. I think it's because of the weather. It went from warm to freezing to wet. This always gets me. The day before the race I started to get chesty. I ignored it up until it was warm up time and I still had it. Right up until I had my toe on the line, I was coughing up crap. Then i started to think "oh crap". Once the gun went off I forgot about it and I had no choice. 1300 people chasing me, isn't the time to be worrying about coughing. Actually, no time is time for worrying about coughing, just do something about it. I finished 8 overall and the 3rd Irish home. Strong run, but a lot to work on.
It has been nearly 6 months since my last hospital visit. I normally visit Prof every 3 months. I rang the hospital and no reply. I rang again around a week later, and still no reply. This is a bit weird, as I'm a private patient and you would think they would want money, and to see a bloody patient. It's not that I'm in a rush too see anyone but imagine if I was. There's one to ask the TDs coming around to the house. I don't think iv had anyone yet. Apart from Dominic Hannigan. Well, not him, but one of his helpers. His selling point was "vote for Dominic Hannigan" handed me a leaflet and walked away. I had to laugh at it. I'd say he was afraid of everyone going mad at him for the way the nation is.
The clinic is going good. Getting busier, which is a good complaint. It's not even a complaint, it's a welcome. There's a few plans in the pipeline.
I'm going off to have a cup if tea with some toast and jam. I always get cravings.

Adios, salute, slan, goodbye, elalleqa, Zai Jian. (last two are Arabic and Chinise)

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