Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Since the article in the Spectrum came out, iv had a lot of feedback from it. Emails and facebooks. It's brilliant to get feedback, especially from this.
I went to the Doctors yesterday. Lung function went up. My FCV (I think it's called) is 114% and my FEV1 is 94%. Happy enough with it. Not really sure why it's going up as I'm not doing anything different. He told me that there is a new type of medication. It increases lung function by 8%. however it's not on the Market yet,and i forget what the name is. He also suggested that I should go on a supplement that has Vit A D E and K. When I go to the docs, I'm always asked what medication I'm on.so here is my list
Saline (every 2nd day)
Creon 25,000
Zythromax (every 2nd day)

That's all for CF
Here is the other list for running or other
Vit E
Multiple vit
Protein supplement
Zyxal that's and anti histamine

I think that's it. I used to take Pulmozyne and Tobi but I stopped that and it made no difference. I also take ventoline but that's only before a race. Or if i do a very hard run, il take the inhaler. I have exercised induced asthma, so I have to stay on top of that. It's funny,because, when i was younger and people noticed I had an inhaler they would ask, "you have asthma and you run??" that's mad. Imagine if i told them I had CF and what it does.

I'm racing in 2 weeks time,and then again in 4 weeks. One is the National Cross Country, and the other is the National Intervarsity Cross Country. Should be fun. I hate cross country but it's all for the team. We should win the national title.

It was valentines day yesterday. I was spoiled. I got tickets for Ne-Yo, a jacket, and a book. Jesus. She told me not to get her anything as it's her birthday on Friday. So I cooked her dinner and rented a DVD. Candles and finest Waterford crystal came out. I made homemade burgers with a melted cheese centre in the middle of the meat, with mustard, tomato and chilli sauce, sweet onions, and beetroot on homemade French bread. I also made pink chips. I boiled the beetroot with the chips so they turned pink, then fried them in veg oil. I should sell that idea to Jamie Oliver. The burger was bloody huge, but nice.

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