Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Big C

A question iv asked myself this week is. Which is worse, hearing the death of someone or, hearing that someone has cancer. My answer would have to be the latter one.
Tuesday was like any other tuesday. I went to work, collected my sister and went to my Nans house. My Nan died two years ago, and the house was rented out for the last year or so. We got the keys back last week and we wanted to see the inside of the house again. Nothing much has changed. Apart from the smell. It used to smell of smoke, but now it smells half of smoke and half of spices. Its an odd mix. Afterwards i went to B and Q to pick up some paint, and to see ideas for my room. That all went well, apart from the fact that wallpaper is expensive!!!
When i got home the dishwasher had been on, and my sister noticed her lunch had been made. My dad normally makes her lunch for work. Few mounts later my dad arrives in. First of all he said, well you where right about my knee. I have a torn cartilage in it. Secondly, he told me and my mam to sit down, and asked my sister to come out. I knew right away what it was. "i have cancer" is a line you never want to hear. Since Saturday, when the scanning clinic rang me up to confirm for my dads MRI and Ultrasound. I knew about the MRI as i told him to get it done on his knee, but the ultrasound bit was the confusing part. I didn't say anything and i actually forgot about it.
The cancer was found by accident. Kind of. When he went to get a referral from the Dr, to get the MRI on his knee, the Dr insisted on a full body check as he hadn't had one in a while. The Dr acted immediately and organised everything. Thank God. If he hadn't have check then who knows what would have happened.
Long story short. He has stage one cancer, which isn't the worst and is going in to get the growth removed tomorrow. And like every Irish family, what else could we do of a bad situation but make jokes about it. But it really hits when you think, Oh shit, my Dad has cancer.
After i found out on Tuesday, i had to go to work right after. I think those treatment where the worst i have ever given. I don't even think i took down their details or a client intake form. All i felt like doing was telling them to shut up complaining, and get on with it.
We have all come to terms with the cancer and we now know that everything will be ok. There is a 98-99% that nothing will happen. So fingers crossed.
Back to B & Q. i painted my room, cleared everything out of my room and im just about to start wallpapering my room. I know thats not a word but it has to do now. I will upload a picture of it, and show you what a wonderful job i have done.

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