Monday, July 11, 2011

Blood Spitting

Ok, I came to a logical conclusion.
Remember I was saying that I cough up blood, and when i run I could go miles while getting mouthfuls of blood. Told the Doc but "it's normal for a CF to spit up blood" so on so forth response. Yea right!
So here's my take on it. I haven't had spicy food in ages. I can't really remember when I last had some. When I mean spicy I mean spicy, and I would add chilli flakes to everything. I could eat the hottest dishes from the Indian without too much hassle.
From an Acupuncture viewpoint, eating hot foods boils the blood. The blood has to escape to cool down. If I coughed or ran, and especially when I went on a plane, I would cough up blood. Since I stopped eating spicy food I haven't had a lung bleed. Normal for nothing. I hate hearing that, amd for a while a believed it. Then I figured, I hadn't coughed up blood in my life, so why the hell would I start it now. ITS NOT NORMAL.
It's late and I'm not in the humour to type. Il talk during the week.

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