Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back On It

Well. It wasn't CF that was making my chest go ape. It was Asthma. Few hums of the Ventolin neb did me the world of good. I'm back at it now. Took a few days off running to help calm the lungs down, and that helped also. It's all about listening to the body.
Tomorrow, I graduate for the second time. However, I still don't have my bloody results. Maybe, just maybe, I got such a good result that they will have some huge celebration and I will receive a gold bar. Doubt it. Everyone else in my class has received their results. After me ringing, and emailing the college, I still havent got them. Oh well. If they are asking me to the graduation, I sure iv passed.
Business had been booming. Iv recently set up a twitter page for it. So follow it NOW. It's @STCinjured (STC stands for Scully Therapy Clinic)
The World Athletics Championships are starting next week, and I'm more then excited. It's going to be brilliant. A week of looking at races. Iv even taking a little break from work so I can watch it. It's in Korea so I will be able to watch most of it without it causing a problem. I have 5 athletes that iv treated in the last few weeks that have travelled over to the Championships.
Tuesday morning, at 2:00am a car crashed into a tree in Dunshaughlin. The two lads where 20 and 21. Reports say that they where travelling at 140kph on a country road, just after they left the pub. they died on impact. Every time I drive to work I see the crash site, and it gives me a shiver every time. Seeing exactly what direction they travelled to, clearing a ditch and into a huge tree. It makes you slow down. Those ads that we see on TV just don't do anything to me. Normally they are just badly produced and you can see it's fake. But the reality of passing the site is a stark reality of what can happen.

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