Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saline Blog Post

This is my first saline nebuliser blog post. First time for everything I suppose. I ran 8 miles Friday, Saturday and today. Getting back nicely at it. If I didn't start running soon, properly, then I would have ended up in hospital. That's the way it seemed. I was on the path with a direction line to Beaumont. I pencilled in a race in 8 weeks time. 6 weeks of base work, which means getting lots of miles in. Which also means clearing the chest of any mucus that's lying around. Then 2 weeks of a bit of faster work. Race. Then see where to go from there. I was Amex recently what CF related medication I was taking. So here's the list...
Saline nebuliser everyday
Cream 25,000 (every time I eat)
Zythromax (every second day)
Vit E
Ventolin (either inhaler or nebuliser. Depends on the situation)
I think that's it. For CF anyway.
Got my results, about bloody time. College results by the way. I got 2 As and 2 Bs. Annoyed about the Bs but oh well. The grauation was a bit poor. Parents or anything didn't come, or anything like that. It would have been good if relations could come.
I got tickets for the Ireland V English rugby match.p for my parents but my dad was in work. So he couldn't go. I was in work so I couldn't really go to the match with my mam. Match started at 2:30, but I got a cancellation amd was able to leave at 1:30. Turns out my dad brought the tickets into work to sell them to try get my money back. Hahah. No rugby match for my mam. Funny.
I have to go get blood tests this week and drop off the sputum. The following week I'm in hospital to see Prof. He wanted me to come in a week earlier. Not sure why, or if it's a good thing. I'm presuming if it was bad then I would be going in tomorrow. I dunno how he would know there would be anything wrong as I havent dropped in a sample since 3 months ago.
If there was something I'm passionate about, it's fashion. I can't understand, especially men, don't want to dress nice, instead of wearing tracksuits all the time, and looking like they just came from a gym. I bet if you walked through town you would see the majority of people in tracksuits, or hoodies. What's wrong with putting on a nice casual shirt and either chinos or jeans. I could go on all day about people wearing clothes that look sloppy. I will write a list soon on what men should NOT wear. Stupid logos/sayings on t shirts would be one of them. Until then.....


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