Sunday, August 21, 2011

Iv No Title For This????

I'm writing this from the clinic. What else is one to do when a client doesn't show up. 
This week has been the most metal week in work. Unreal. The girl who works with me has gone away, which leaves me with my clients, but also hers. It's not such a bad thing. 
Have you ever watched a comedy film, and there would be one extra in ever scene or would randomly pop up throughout the film. Well I see this one person every single day, and in the most weirdest of places. He came into the clinic to book an appointment for his friend. The next day, he was sitting out in front of the clinic?? Yesterday, I went into the Dr Surgery and he was sitting outside it. Then today he was pushing his car up a hill. right in front of the clinic. It's very funny.
I woke up today thinking I have 10minutes to get dressed, breakfast and open the clinic. Until I got into the car, I noticed I didn't have 10minutes. I had an hour and 10. I couldn't bloody believe it. 
I can see why people with CF struggle with having phlegm in their lungs. With my ease down of running, I have noticed I started to get more chesty. Next week, I'm back to full training. Even days when you really don't feel like doing anything, is the days you should be getting out there. I'm not talking about running 10 mile runs everyday. But the longer the better, obviously. But if you think, what's the point in walking or running 10 minutes, then you better think again. It's 10 minutes more then what you normally do. I read that exercising 10minutes a day can expand your life expectancy by up to 4 years. So while we have "the good weather" (as I look out the window) and the longer nights. Get out and do something. Get into a routine before the winter comes in, because when that comes, you won't want to do anything. The winter is one of the best times to exercise. Bugs hate the cold. I know what your thinking now. But it's raining, and cold. I might get a cold. Even if you have a cold. So what. Just keep the lungs clean. Bugs hate the cold so why stay in a warm house, feeling sorry for yourself and thinking when is my next neb, when is my next tablet. Take your Ventolin, if your going to say "but the cold weather makes me cough". It makes me cough as well, but the other option is hospital. Don't think about getting out in crap weather and just start with 5 minutes. It will work. If you cough your lungs up with all the mucus, then that's good. It means it's out. CF lungs should be like the Irish Banks. Keep taking money out instead of keeping it in. 

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