Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Smell Of Me

Ok. dilemma. I had no deodorant left. Lying around is a bottle of Sure Women. I figured it smelt nicer then B.O. It lasts so long. I put it on this morning and still smell it off me when I'm going to bed. Why can't Lynx make it as fragrant??
I set my PB (personal best) for the amount of people I treated in one day. If I told you then you would know all my secrets. Every month I draw up a graph to see if the number of people has increased or decreased. This week I treated two Olympic athletes, which was crazy.
My dad is back in work now which is brilliant. However, he still has to get one more operation. This time on his knee. Cartilage and meniscus tears. Sure that will be a breeze.
I'm going to Belgium this weekend. I was going over as a therapist but the athlete decided not to run so the two of us are just going to walk around Brussels and eat waffles all day. It should be deadly. Then, if I'm not going over to the Athletics World Championships in South Korea as a therapist I will be going to Edinburgh then to Newcastlemand Leeds with a few friends. I'm not sure which trip would be better.
This weekend, Gerard Fay is attempting to run for 30 hours in Drogheda. He will cover roughly 131.5 miles. Of course this is all for CF. Many of you might know of Gerard as he does countless fundraisers for CF.
The Sports Grant is coming out soon. It has been out maybe 2-3 years and I haven't got one yet. Pain in the arse. I keep forgetting to apply. I sent in an email but they dont do it over email. What's that all about. Letters are so outdated. I will have to do it tomorrow and send it off.
Running has been hmmm mm. I'm running every second day until last week when I ran Friday then took Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off. I ran 5 miles today in 27:16 and I was dying at the end. Its funny that I'm actually not fit. So I'm running every day again now because I have these horrid visions of being hooked up to an IV if I continue the way I'm going. 25 years without an IV and I'm not going to start now. Running = no IVs. I bet if any parent out there starts getting their kids running or exercising, the need for an IV would be much less. It's a simple theory. Running works the lungs, which clears the mucus which means no bugs can grow in a clear lung. Also, take Saline before you run. That's probably why I was in bits today. That stuff is amazing. Oh and a new inhaler coming out. It's TOBI but in an inhaler. Which means it's not a pain in the arse to sit for 20minutes with all the windows open because you ran out of filters. I don't take TOBI anymore because I felt it was making me bleed. I'm off it years and my lung function is still going up. This inhaler will be very cool. More kids, and stroppy adults, would be more compliant with taking it

Right I'm actualy falling asleep typing this. Night night.


  1. Evan,would love to see you doing more promotion of your blog to parents of CF in Ireland. There is a big need for role models such as your self to just get out there and deliver them constructive insights into handling CF.

  2. I just found your comment. Would you believe iv told everyone in CFIreland and they never said anything. I don't know what to do??