Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Month Of Surprises

I forgot about the blog because of all the mental stuff that has been going on this month. So il start of on what i most did recently.
i just did 300 reps of core exercises. It went like this.
50 sit ups on a swiss ball
25 reps of hanging leg raises
25 floor leg raises
25 side sit ups
25 side sit ups
50 back extensions
50 press ups
60 seconds of the plank
30 seconds of left and right side plank
i know the last 2 exercises where not exactly reps but i figured i would count 2 minutes as being 50 reps. it wasn't as bad as i imagined it would be. i think i will be sore in the morning. Yesterday, i went on a run. I was sick at the time. As in tummy bug sick, but running would sweat it out of me. WHich is did. So i warmed up for a bit then i did 50 reps of 6 exercises and in between each exercise i did 200m of a stride. it was a great way to exercise. Then i did a jog home.
On Saturday, i woke up and went right to work. This was my 6th day in a row working. I had the Womens Dunshaughlin GAA team in with me. Then a few other clients. I went into town to meet up with Yaz and we went for Lunch in SABA. Its on Claredon St (parallel to Grafton ST). Its a Vientnameise and Thai place. Really nice food and didn't cost too much either. We then checked into a hotel in Leopardstown and went to a friends 30th in Tailors Tree Rock, beside Marlay Park. Its a big Irish pub and has Irish dancing etc in it for all the tourists or Irish Happy locals. The friend is the main choreographer in the place. He had to work before his party so we all went to see him dance and then he had the place booked out afterwards for the party.
Friday was a mental day also. Work wise. I didn't stop til 10.30 at night. I had the womens Meath GAA team in with me. They came at 9 at night. It was a busy one. I started work that day at 11 i think. Nearly a 12 hour work day.
The rest of the week was just normal. Work work run run. Apart from the fact my dad got the all clear from the specialist. No more bloody cancer. YEEEEOW. Thank God.
Last weekend, i got a txt from a friend saying " do you want to come to Belgium with me. Im racing" i booked the flights and off im going to Belgium next weekend. Flights cost €192. Hotel is free. I told him to ask the race organisers that i was his Physio. They gave me and him free accommodation. Bloody amazing. I cant wait to get some waffles into me and watch him race. Its good taking a month off competitive running and just training to keep fit. I get to do things i normally don't. Like not run when i don't want to. No having to plan my whole day around my 2 runs that i have to do. Go to Belgium and not think about having to race and go on a Bruges tour.
Iv started to work with Bootcamp Ireland. Im sure you you google Bootcamp Ireland you can see what im on about. or try www.bootcampireland.com it could work. I go up to the training sessions and set the massage bed up. People come over to me and i explain their injuries and what they can do. Then i give a talk to all of them about general home care advice and maintenance. More often then not, they book in to have a treatment. Im telling you. If people use their brains, they will see there is not a huge recession out there. I think people have the money to spend but they want to keep onto it for the fear that something might go wrong and they will lose it. Maybe im wrong. If you work hard, the rewards will come. Life isn't just about going into the office, doing your 9-5 and going home.
CF wise. I think its going good. From not doing 100+ miles a week, i have put on a 1/2 a stone in about a month. Jesus. Im still running around 40-50 miles a week plus the core work. I must eat more then i thought. I actually feel fat and im still just under 9 stone. HAHA.
There is a CF race on in September in Blessington. Its a 10k and its called The Lakes 10k. Its organised by Annmarie Kidd who has a son with CF called Jordan. Its not that expensive to enter, and its a lovely route, around one of the lakes. This will be my 3rd year in a row doing it. SO get your arses to the start line and stop being so lazy. Its 10k. A lovely saturday walk, or run, if your able.


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