Thursday, September 1, 2011

Howth Dare They!!

Howth Dare they, or how dare they. Well it refers to Howth.
After my tri-monthly blood test (which I will touch on later in the post), I went with Yaz to Howth for some lunch. We normally go to Octopussy, but decided on The Brass Monkey. Both are very funny names. As I entered into the restaurant, I held the door open for the waiter. Being the gentleman that I am, and the fact his hands where full. His lack of manners where to be admired. No thanks you or cheers. Strike one! As we sat down we waited 10 minutes to get a menu. As the menu arrived it was thrown as us like a baseball. Strike 2!!! When I turned around to ask what the hell he was at, I was stopped in my tracks with the words "iv had enough of your sly remarks. I don't want any more of your lip today". As I said "WHAT" he replied "your sly comment at the door". STRIKE 3. Your OUT!!!! I walked out with Yaz following. As I waited for her with the door open the nice waiter came back over and said "I'm telling you, iv had enough of your fucking lip". I actually had no response for the idiot. The Brass Monkey will be getting an email/phone call in the hope of a free meal.
Now. About my blood tests. Last time I paid €150 for them. Not sure why or what it was for but I paid it. This month I got the same bill. Yea right I was paying that. I questioned it and it was fir Alergies. Yea right am I paying that, on top of the Doctors bill of €150. So they want me to pay €300 every 3 months. No thank you. While I was getting the blood test, my blood decided to stop coming. Ever so calmy the nurse said "ah I think your vein collapsed"??? My vein collapsing isn't such a calm experience. Turns out it wasn't a collapsed vein. My arm was bent and she put it in at a weird angle.
I also looked at my stats on the blog. So hello to my Indonesian readers, and if you wouldn't mind telling me if I'm famous in your country or not? It would be like Homer being famous in Asia because his face is on the front of a cleaning product.

Also, go to Octopussy and not the Brass Monkey. Dont get it mixed up!

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