Monday, September 26, 2011

Diet - Fatty V's Healthy


Iv been reading a lot about other CF'er and their diet. I also read in the Spectrum ( CF newsletter) that deep fried foods, and junk is good for CF. This is shite. I don't eat take aways. I hardly ever eat chocolate, because I don't like it. I do eat jellies but that's not really fat.

The theory behind eating fat and junk food is that we can't absorb fat, and other nutrients. I get that. But what sort of nutrition is in take aways? What sort if nutrition is in deep fried foods? Very little.
The other theory is that if we have weight on us that when an infection comes then we can fight it?? What about eating a healthy diet so we have a better immune system?? I can't remember the last time i had a take away. The last time I got sick was in June but that was just a bad cold and a cough. No IVs needed. That's another thing. I feel people with CF go to hospital way to much. Don't quote me on any of this. I'm just speaking from my experience. Iv spat up blood, and a good amount also. What did I do? I stopped running for 5 minutes and continued on my 10 mile run. If you went to hospital i would be put on IVs and into a place full of bugs. This also goes to the general public. We tend to go down to the doctors to get an anti biotic for a cold. Augmenting is the preferred antibiotic. Sore throat, I need to go to the doctor. Wy don't you let your own immunity recognise the situation, and then the next time you get it, your immunity can fight back at it. That's how the Anti Flu jab works. You get a small dose of the flu, your bodies immunity looks at it, recognises it, and fights it so it's able to deal with it if it faces it again.

Ok, back to diets. So why substitute high fat junk food for good fat healthy food? Can anyone explain this to me because it's a no brainer to me. In Chinese Medicine, deep fried fatty foods creates phlegm in the body. It means their is too much dampness in the body. If I eat fatty food, no matter if I take the correct amount of enzymes, I will get tummy cramps, and feel sluggish.
I get that it's easier to eat fatty crap foods because when your sick you don't want to eat anything and small amounts of junk food have high calories etc. But there is no quick fix to CF. Eat healthy and you will have a better immune system. Eat the crap foods also, but not to the extent of what I'm reading and hearing.

While I'm at it. The CF Annual Conference. Anyone with CF shouldn't attend this. I know it is supposed to be controlled but why would you want to come into contact with another person with CF. Same strain infection or not. It doesn't matter. CFs should not mix. EVER. As far as I'm aware, you can catch the Conference online. So don't be stupid.


  1. Well done with your running but I'm afraid that your comment about CFers needing a high fat diet being 'shite' is incorrect. Just because you don't doesn't mean that other people don't. Chronic infection increases your calorie needs dramatically and, as long as you have healthy foods (vitamins and minerals etc) as well, will not affect your immune system. Also, you're very lucky not to have to have IV's regularly (even though you keep yourself well through running). Please understand that there are different gradations of CF and you may have a lot milder case than others who need to go into hospital regularly. Also, doctors won't give out antibiotics for a cold.

  2. I find your comments quite spot on. My husband sounds a lot like you. We try our best to eat healthy and exercise. We have truly been blessed to have enjoyed his health.