Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Time For Everything

In the 25 years iv had CF, I have never ever went to a Doctors appointment (to do with CF) alone. This will all change come tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. It's going to feel weird going to my PFTs and showing my Mam (normally my Mam comes with me) the results amd telling her "they've gone up" and to my own delight and her disgust "my weight has gone down". Your probably asking me "why are you happy with your weight going down?". If my weight was going up, then I'm not training. For a runner you need to be as light but as healthy as possible. It's weird. I don't really have a problem with putting on weight. During the summer when I wasn't training, or training much, I put on half a stone. I didn't try to but I did.
I also hate going into Beaumont Hospital every three months. It has become the bane of my life. It's normally first thing in the morning. I hate getting up early. I don't mind staying up or working late but getting up early is horrible. Then iv to wait in the q for the PFTs. Oh PFTs are lung functions. I hate these also. They always give me a pounding headache and the taste of nitrogen that I breathe in stays at the back of my throat for the whole day. Then the long wait in the private part of the hospital. I just hate the whole experience.
I'm looking at a show called Four Loins. It's about Muslems and Jihad. It's funny but takes a look into the life of the extremist. I said I was going to update the blog with a good story but to be honest I couldn't be bothered right now to type it up. Iv had to most lazy day today. I went on a run then cooked myself a big fry. 4 rashers (bacon for the American viewers), 4 sausages, beans, an egg, a Polski tomato, which is the most amazing type of tomato, toast and a cuppa to wash it down. I watched the end of the Athletics World Championships. I'm having withdrawal symptoms already. Then sat around and looked at tv. I cooked the second most amazing fish pie ever. I shall put up the recipe later, and my recipe for my Malibu Sorbet. It is lovely, and I don't even drink.


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