Sunday, September 4, 2011

Running Running Running, Everyday!

Since about May, I haven't wanted to run. But because of the guilt in the back of my mind, I had to. Like it or not. Today, I went on a run. Started the watch and ran until I started to feel tired or just because I wanted to stop. 48:38 I passed by my door. I wasn't tired and I didn't really want to stop, but because I was foolish enough to wear a jumper and a pair of tights running. It was ok for about 20 minutes, but by God. I felt like a menopausal women come 25 minutes. Hot flushes running wild, which later turned into a lost man in the Sahara. This might be an exaggeration. So the loop I did broght me back to the house at that time. I had to stop and get a drink, but I just decided to stop anyway and leave it at that. I think I lost about 1kg of salt in my sweat (this also might be an exaggeration). For yous who don't know about CF. We can't retain salt in our body. This is one of the main problems in CF. It's to do with cellular structure. The new drug CX700 I think it's called. Well this drug helps retain more salt in the cell. I think I'm explaining it correctly.
Back to running. I found out if I don't run, then I'm not going to bother my arse to do pep mask (a form of therapy to clear mucus) to replace what running is doing for me. I never use it anyway. Mostly because it's a pain in the arse. Iv used arse twice in this paragraph. The blowing of it does my head in and is like my ears will pop. I don't get anything up when I'm using it anyway so it's probably a load of crap. For you running and non CF people. A pep mask is like those weights for your lung things.
Oh I'm cutting this post quickly because the men's world championship marathon is on and I want to watch it.
Iv childhood post coming tomorrow.


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