Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and Hunting

Christmas is a lovely time. I love when the whole family comes around and just chills. For some reason I always feel guilty when I'm not in work. However, I'm after getting used to it but I'm back in work tomorrow. 28th of Dec. 
There is one thing that I hate when I don't work. Because I use oil everyday for treating people and massaging them, when I don't work for a few days, my hands get dry. 
I had a lovely Christmas. Huge dinners, and huge snacks. Therefore, I run loads. For Christmas, I got a Garmin watch. It records speed, distance and time. It's a handy oul instrument.  I also got an Xbox. Because of it, I won't be able to see my girlfriend or anyone else for that matter. The thing is, she bought it for me. 
Today I went shooting/hunting for the first time. My sisters boyfriend is a farmer/butcher. So we went out with his shotguns, tweed hats, wax jackets and wellies. Now I'm glad I went on my run beforehand because we walked for about 3/4 hours in ditches, rivers and just muck. When men say that they feel great after shooting a gun are a bit mad. I didn't feel real manly, but I'd say shooting and killing would be a different story. The gun nearly blew my shoulder off. We shot 3 pigeons and a snipe. There was no rabbits or pheasant about. We missed two ducks. Went back to the house and cooked them right away. It was handy to have a butcher with me because he had them filleted in no time. Because of my trip, I'm going to get a license and buy a gun. It is very relaxing going out and hunting. It sounds mad, but it is. And you get a free lunch. 

When I was out on a run last Saturday, I injured myself...again. Pain in the arse. Same ankle as before. But I'm only out for around 4 days. I didn't lose any fitness. Nothing lost.

I'm trying to get a new Nebuliser. The HSE where actually very nice and efficient. I'm getting a Turbo (plug into a socket) and an Eflow (travel). I think I'm getting it in the new year.  While I'm on the topic of CF. I went into Vincent Hospital the other day. It's much nicer then Beaumont, but the receptionist is a moan. A huge moan. I'm not sure of the service or what the Doctors are like. But it looks nicer. I also had to wear those masks that make me look like I have a beak

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