Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Time

I do love Christmas time. But what I don't like about it is the weather. The cold, windy, rainy, and let's pray that it doesn't come, but snowy weather. They all affect my chest. Not the phlegmy part, but the inflammation part. The asthma part. I have 2 options. Face the weather, and face the consequences. Or head to a gym, get bored by running an hour on a treadmill, get sweaty, and share a room with loads of others. Exercising temporarily affects your immune system, so by working out in a room full of people doesn't really cut it for me. So I'm stuck really. I could however, run slower in the cold, so I don't get as much inflammation. I have seen these types of masks. The types that are fashionable in China, or for ninjas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mostly, I just wear a snood for my run which warms the cold air I take in. That will have to do for now.

There is one thing that I watch in TV, everyday. Home And Away. I think I already posted about this. I love it, and watch it on YouTube instead of TV. This means I'm up to date with Australia instead of a month behind Ireland.
Anyway, I also watch wild life programmes. I was watching a programme about the one of the coldest places on earth. There are minimal amount of animals up there. One of the only animals up there are Bison, or wolves. Wolves hunt in a pack, but even hunting a Bison in a pack is a large task. A bison is 10 times bigger then a wolve. However, if the wolves don't try take down a bison, they will starve and die. you can relate this to anything in life.
Business - if you think of money as a bison, and you as the wolve. If you hunt the money, you will get it. It's going to be hard, but you will get it if you want it and enough. If you don't you will starve and die. Like the wolve dies if it doesn't hunt the bison.
Just think of the goal being the bison, and you are the wolve. Even if it's 10 times bigger. If you know your going to die if you don't get that "bison", you will hunt your arse off until you get that goal.


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