Monday, December 5, 2011

Hospital Visit

This was the last hospital visit of 2011. Thank God!!
I really don't like going in there. It's annoying more then anything else. The waiting around and getting the same old response/conversation every 3 months. I also had to go back into the CF ward ton talk to the nurse about getting a new Neb. I had to put a mask on. I felt like a fool. I didn't know how to put the thing on. I also looked like a duck as the thing looks like a beak. It also felt like I was putting a sanitary towel over my face.
To be fair, I actually dis learn something. Women have more mucus then men when they have CF. It could be something to do with oestrogen. So when they are pregnant it can get worse. However, I figured if you put them on the pill to balance the hormones out, would it help. Obviously if they are not pregnant!!
I got my results back from that sputum a few weeks back. Very efficient aren't they!!!!!! I had staph (infection) and also pseudomonas. But I nearly always have those anyway. He said I should have come in if I was feeling bad and treat it aggressively. Yea right. I was coughing for a week. No need for any aggression? I'm better now so my way of treatment was better.
I also found out that running/aerobic activity isn't regarded as physio??? I disagree. Other CFs concentrate more on Pep mask or the Accapella etc. They don't reckon much on running, as it's not physio. This is what I was told. Well I hardly ever use my Pep Mask, and I don't have that other thing. I run, and run everyday, apart from the odd day off. Who's in hospital and who isn't? The person running or the person doing "physio"??? I think this is kind of ridiculous. Obviously, the CF'er needs to be active all their life and exercising from a hound age. If they don't then the lungs are already going to be affected. We are all born with clear lungs (unless something is greatly wrong). So if we are born with clear lungs then all we have to do is keep them clear. If I don't get anything up by using a Pep, then how is that good. If I run, and get stuff up then that's obviously better. I don't see the logic in it. Use the two treatments for treating CF.
My lung function went up by 4% since 3 months ago. If I don't use my Pep then how has it gone up that much? My FEV1 (the measurement of the lungs) is now at 85%. It has normally stayed around the 80% number. The more I run the better the lung function is. So that's all I can put it down to.
I had a Chinese on Friday. I thought I was getting away with a pain free stomach on the Saturday. Until Saturday night. Pain struck. Aaah!! Since then iv been in pain intermittently. It's a horrible pain. It's like when you have the runs, but I don't have the runs. I just have that rotten sensation, bloated, and pain. I also feel very tired. It feels like my body isn't getting nutrients from anything I eat when I'm like this. I took 5 Creon 25,000 with the Chinese. I also get boiled rice because it's less fattening then fried rice. I can't wait for it to go.
I ran 15 miles yesterday. I was only going to do 10 or so. When I got the 10, I said sure I might as well do 12, but then I was on a 5 mile route and I just kept going. It was sore on my feet, but I felt good. We went fast enough towards the end which helped because I needed to finish!!!! When I woke up today, I actually couldn't get out of bed. My shoulders to my feet hurt. They still do, and I got back into bed before work to have a nap. I love naps, but I know I wont sleep tonight because of it. it's all in the bag anyway, so i will increase the mileage to 70 miles this week. feels good!



  1. The pain you got after you chinese may be a partial Blockage or CF related DIOS...ask your Docs about this - if it goes on for longer than a day and the pain gets worse you can get medication to help

  2. I have asked the DR, and he says to play around with Creon.
    I also thing it could be the MSG. That can cause stomach cramps and other such symptoms. My tummy is worse after a Chinese so I'm putting the MSG in that category!!