Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Inspriring Story

It's been a while since iv updated this. A few reasons as to why. 1 - iv been very busy in the clinic, and 2 - I haven't had any good stories to tell. Until now.
I have a friend. He's Nigerian. He came to Ireland, on his own at the age of 13. Since that age, he went to school on his own accord, had racial abuse throughout his school experience. Went to college and graduated. He has fended for himself for 10 years. But in the last yearhe has had a roller coaster ride. First off, he got his girlfriend pregnant. It wasn't planned. But what can you do? The baby is due next month. He should be excited about this. However, he got fired today from his job. He has a disciplinary hearing today where I had to be a witness. In my eyes, and an unbiased eye. The firing was way out of line. Absolutely stupid. I think they wanted to get rid of him, and where going to do it no matter what. Their reasoning behind sacking him is a time theft. His reason behind "time theft" was because his girlfriend had a threatening miscchariage, so he was on the phone to her trying to comfort her. This is a perfectly reasonable excuse. Next of all. The shop didn't have a toilet, which is against the law I think. He had to walk 5 minutes to the nearest public toilet. He was pulled up on leaving the shop during work hours and not during his break. Now, his break. He couldn't leave the shop during the break as he was the team leader, and he needed to pass some parts from the till. He also didn't even get a break as there was no cover for him. Absolutely scandalous.
I don't want to say that it was a racial thing, but I can't help but think maybe this has something to do with it. Maybe I think too much about racism. But Ireland is a hugely racial country. I can't understand where people think they are different due to their skin colour. If we took our skin off, we are the same colour. No difference at all. Ireland needs a cultural difference. It's good. We get to talk to people about their country, their native food, and their exeperiences in that country. Why should we only want to talk to Irish people?? Give me one answer. I bet you can't?

Anyway, I promised rainbows and unicorns in the last post. So while I'm at it. Unicorns. What is the plural for a Unicorn. A multicorn!!!!!!!!!
I'm back running an hour a day. Last week I was doing at least 35 minutes a day and figured that it was crap. Why am I doing this? So I jumped up to 60 minutes a day and the body seems to be dealing with it without problems.
In the last week, the weather has jumped, or dived, from roughly 15 degrees to 1 degrees or less. I'm not sure if a person without CF, or asthma has a problem with this dip. I get a big problem. I get these pathetic cough. It's more like a "Uhugh" sound. Pathetic. It's more like I have a tick rather then a cough. I'm taking my Ventolin inhaler as I have exercised enduced asthma along with CF. In theory, I really shouldn't be able to run. Rules are there to be broken. So shut up theorist. You annoy me.
I have my tri-monthly appointment. Guess what? Iv to go to that bloody CF ward again. I feel sick touching the doors. I feel sick looking at it. Maybe I'm a bit racial to CF people. I know that can't happen because CF isn't a race. It's a pain in the arse. I also have my PFTs (lung function). I hate that thing too. I always leave with a headache because I blow really hard and I'd say if the nurse looked at me, she would get a fright. I will bring the iPad in and see if I can record what I look like blowing my eyeballs out.

It's the 1st of December, so in my eyes it's officially Christmas. I love Christmas. I really am a child at heart. I think we all are. But now is the time for me to eat some mince pies. Nom nom nommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Feliz Navidad (Happy Chistmas Espanól)

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