Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's been officially a week since this crap start attacking me.

I slept for 3.5 hours last night. Nothing to do with coughing, just that I can't sleep. So iv been awake for 5 hours now. I haven't coughed once and haven't needed to take my Ventolin. However, I am taking it right now and also my Saline, but that's just because I can still feel like its inflamed so I want to attack it until it goes away completely.

I feel very relaxed and calm. My muscles have eased out and I feel good mentally. I'm getting ready to head out to Santry to treat a few athletes before they go back to London for the Olympics. Ciaran O Lionaird (1500m from Ireland - 10th in the World), Nick Symmonds (800m USA - 5th in the World) and Jemma Simpson (800m From England - 6th in the world in 09. She qualified for the Olympics but somehow wasnt selected). So it should be a fun day in work today!

My own running. Well I'm taking it day by day. I haven't ran in a week, and I'm only going to start back when I can walk for long without coughing. I'm in no rush so it's all good.


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