Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Double Day Run

Back to somewhat normality. I haven't ran twice in one day in around 3 months. It felt very good, and probably went too fast on my second run, which was supposed to be slower.
I fixed my achilles tendonitis. It took 7 days of constant acupuncture, manipulation and ice. I was able to keep running with it. Today was my first day waking up and not having to limp for 5 minutes until I can walk properly, and also a pain free run.
My run was 8 miles. Started at 7:45 minute per mile pace. Then 7min/mile, 6:30 min/mile, 6min/mile, 5:30min/mile, 5min/mile, with my last two miles back to 7 minute per mile. This was all done with my mask. It's kind of hard to run with it on, and once I take it off I can breathe and run so much easier.

I still have my cough, but it's getting progressively better. I find the Symbocort very good. I just have to stay away from areas with Aspergillus (mould). I found out that 86% of cows milk contains aspergillus, and 36% of goats milk contains some levels of it. However, the levels are very small so probably nothing to worry about.

I forgot I took a picture of my PFTs so check it out underneath. The FEV1/FVC% has gone a good bit down since April, and my FEV1 has gone down around 12% I think, since April.

I also got a Chritmas prezzy. No, not for this Christmas. It was a late prezzy. Loving the hat and scarf!


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