Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mountain Run

This was my first Mountain run since February. It never gets any easier, nor does it get any harder.
I fuelled my body with only the purist food on the planet. A Lucozade, a pack of Skips and a chocolate eclair. I have no idea why I like eclairs, because I hate chocolate, and I hate cream. It really makes no sense. The mountain behind the food is the one I ran up. I did 70 minutes. So that's a run everyday for the last two weeks over 60 mins. Longest was 75 mins. So some good work being put in.

I am going to a play later on. I find it hard to watch the same typical plays like Snow White or some other play that had been recycled for the last 20 years, unless I know someone in it. But this play is based on reality TV shows, and makes fun of them. Something different, and should be good. A bit of Yamamori afterwards. It's a Japanese restaurant. I love me some sushi!

The chest has felt good. Coughing a bit, but less then before. I'm also stepping up the miles I run per day so it makes me more productive for the first few weeks. It will plateau in around 2 weeks because there will be no more mucus there. So in the meantime, I just have to deal with it, as there isn't much more I can do. It just takes time. Seen as I had 3 weeks off every form of exercise, and then another week of running stupid distances like 1k twice a week, which is good for starting off, but won't really do much. It needs to be built up.

The Symbicort is good, but I can't really tell if it's doing it's potential because I keep upping my distances that I run, so I'm not really giving it a chance. It has calmed it down slightly but not to the extent that everyone goes on about. I can tell you it's better then Ventolin!

Until then....

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