Friday, September 21, 2012

Steroids; Muscle Man

Wrong type of steroids! However, I'm back on them. Second time in 2 months. My own fault really but I was faced with a catch 22. Haven't not ran for 3 weeks because of the allergic reaction, my chest wasn't clear of inflammation. So I needed to start running or else I would have inflammation and mucus build up. I thought my chest would calm down after a few weeks of running, and it hasn't, so what I'm going to do is take a 5 day course of steroids, and cut my runs down from 60-80 minutes a day to running 30 minutes a day, and on my own, and slowly. So there won't be as much stress on the lungs, and I am still staying fit and exercising. I'm still taking the Zythromax every second day, Singulair everyday, and Symbicort twice a day. We shall see how it goes.

So as I do every turn of season. I give my predictions, or talk about what the next fashion trend will be. Here's a list;
Leather and velvet

Here is a piece that my girlfriend Yaz put together. I'm in love with a few pieces on here. The jacket with fur collar and wool body, the teal coloured shirts, the Burburry Umbrella (but its €600), the Jordan "Black Flip". Actually I think everything on is is just crazy. Does anyone want to donate about 2 grand to me please! Just for the winter!

For some reason, I'm so bloody hungry and its 12:42am. I always get hungry at night and I'm never hungry in the mornings. I just made a ham and tomato toastie. One of the nicest ones iv ever had!! Weird.

I have a funny story. So I was talking to a person who was fairly open with the question I was asked to do with CF. They were quite good questions as well.
"What will you do when you get to 60/70 and you can't run anymore. Will that effect your lungs". My answer was I will be running, arthritis or not, and if I'm really unable to run then I will do something else. Normally people with CF don't make it to that age anyway. But I will!
"Jesus that must be hard for you to live with that idea. What age do you live to". I'm not sure what age I will live to but in Ireland it's 35.
"WHAT!? You only have 9 more years!!"

Hahahaha. Iv never been asked those questions so openly, but it was good. I like answering them as they give more of an insight into people with CF.

At the moment, I'm so relax that I'm too tired to even sleep. But I should try. I'm up early tomorrow.


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