Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Osteopath and Food

Osteopaths differ from chiropractors in a big way. Both have similar treatment principles. Adjusting the body back to alignment.
What the big difference is that Osteopaths warm the tissues and muscles up before adjusting, whereas Chiropractors just adjust, and on a cold tissue/muscle. That's in my experience anyway.

The osteopath I attend is Mark Smith (Clonsilla Road, Dublin). I had a feeling that my left hand side pelvis was jutting out further then my right. I also felt this was causing my Achilles tendonitis. Finally, my shoulder had bad tendonitis which was causing my neck tension which was causing pain when I coughed into my eye. All this was diagnosed by Mark.
After a warm up of the tissues he was about to adjust, which was very sore, he then positioned me into certain ways. POP!! and I was clicked into alignment. This happened a few more times until my spine, and pelvis was correctly sitting. He also retested the strength in my arm. Beforehand, there was a huge lack of strength. Afterwards it was actually a lot better, to my surprise.
When leaving the clinic, I found I could actually breath in better. My rib heads weren't sitting right and this was causing pressure on my lungs as they couldn't expand fully. Since the appointment, I have been getting up loads of mucus, which I didn't think was even there. However, it is terribly wet out today, and I'm nearly finished my steroids, so this could be causing this also.
I had to go home for a nap as I was drained from the treatment. But it was good. I feel like my body is sitting correctly. My next appointment is this day next week, and I'm looking forward to it.

I also feel from coughing a lot can put rib heads out of alignment and muscle strains. Remember my lung spasms around 2 months ago? Well this would have caused a lot of problems with my back. I feel that because I haven't fully recovered from that, that the pressure on my ribs was causing inflammation on my lungs, causing problems in being able to take deeper breaths. So when I ran, my lungs couldn't expand fully due to the ribs putting stress on the lungs. Anyway, iv felt a lot better running because of all this. Coughing less and not needing my inhaler as much, or counting down the 4 hours until I can take the next puff.

I'm off to Jamie Oliver's tomorrow for some grub! I get the sea food risotto and a ginger mojito! Bee-Jaysis.



  1. Chiropractors are mostly garbage as well. (By garbage I mean there is little scientific evidence to back up any of their claims.) Give me a qualified musculo-skeletal physiotherapist any day ;-)

  2. That's why I went to an osteopath. They are recognised as second to Doctors believe it or not!!

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