Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pre Run Food: Post Run Meal

At the moment, I'm sitting down eating hot Corn Flakes, toast with honey and a pot of tea at the ready. I'm getting ready to go out and do a long run. I normally don't eat that much before a run, but we shall experiment. Speaking about running. I have started speed work, which is exactly what it suggests. Running hard for certain amounts of time/distances. I needed to do this to see in my own head where I'm at, and how I would react. I was surprised on how well the chest felt, but with the pace. It wasn't very exciting. It was just over 7 miles and was done in 40minutes. It's about 5:20 per mile. It's ok, but with how it felt on effort, then it wasn't ok. God start however.

I went to Jamie Oliver's in Dundrum (Dublin) last week, and I wasn't let down. Normally I get a Seafood Risotto and a ginger mojito. As a comparison, I ordered that to see how Jamie's Dundrum held up to the ones in London and Manchester, and it held its weight in taste.
We ordered 3 starters and 2 mains, 2 Bellinis (alcoholic drink) and I got a ginger mojito (non alcoholic), with desert and a coffee to finish. This all came to €62 which is unreal for the quality of food that is served.

I have to get my Anti Flu jab during the week. I must be one of the few people who actually get side effects from it. It wipes me out for a day or two after it. Very annoying, but worth it in the long run.
I am also going to see Prof next Monday. Hopefully my PFT will have gone up by then. I shall go beast mode on that machine!!

Time for a run!!


  1. Fantastic
    I run too, I am 46 with cf
    About 6-7 miles every other day without fail
    Keeps lungs as good as able
    PFTs 95+% so doing okay
    Good to see you're so fit, lots of effort though eh
    Good stuff

  2. That's fantastic Tommo. Maybe you would like to do a guest story on how you started running and what it has done physically for you. Email me and we can sort it out

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