Saturday, September 22, 2012

To Spit, Or To Swallow?

That is the question.

No, my blog didn't get hacked, so read on and it will make sense.

As part of having CF, we need to get mucus up whenever the opportunity arises. I'm sure some of you with CF have had to talk with the phlegm camped at the side of your mouth waiting to get a good chance to spit it out?

I was outside Tescos earlier today and felt a good one trying to come up. So "hocktu" and I spat it out, on the floor, like wet cement....but green. There wasn't anyone about, but it made me question what If someone did see me? Would they confront me for being "a scumbag with no manners" or would I have to explain myself. How would I react? I can't answer that question because its never happened me. I have had funny looks from people when I spit out my car window. But they are hardly going to start shouting at me in that situation.

It's a sticky (pun intended) situation. I'm not looking forward to the day when it does happen. I can hardly have a calm chat about it when they confront me over it. In my heart I think i would probably say "f*uck off, I have Cf", but it depends on how they confront me.

So the question is. Do you spit or swallow the phlegm?


  1. Spit as often as loss into tissues. If no tissues I swallow...hardly ideal but don't like to spit just anywhere

  2. I hope you throw the tissue away and don't do the old fashion thing of putting it back up your sleeve on in your pocket. I never understood that.

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