Monday, October 22, 2012

An Olympian & Higher Lung Function

I'm sitting here with a nice cuppa in my hand, trying to relax after a long week and weekend!
I found it hard to write about anything because I didn't have anything exciting going on in my life. So the saying "if you haven't got anything to say then don't say anything" is applicable in this situation. I'm not sure if that's the way the saying even goes.

So first off. I went to the hospital today after 6 weeks from my last appointment. Had a go on the PFTs. Those bad boys went up 9% in 6 weeks. Other numbers went really high since the last one. I'm happy about it but I'm still 4% lower then what I normally am, or was back in July. I have always felt that the PfTs didn't really suit me as I don't normally find any difference in my CF/asthma when im not running. With that, I am now going for a Vo2 Max test which is basically a PFT but while running. I feel this is more suited to me and when I feel that my CF or Asthma is highlighted. Not sure why I didn't think of this before.
I forgot I was in with Prof this week so I didn't even have any bloods or sputum done or ready.
I'm running about 70 miles a week. I started doing steady to hard runs last week and the chest felt good but when I stop running I start coughing. I dont really understand why it happens. I don't cough during the run.

I was asked to talk at a seminar for Athletics Ireland and their national squad. What was really cool is that David Rudisha, an Olympic Champion and World Record holder for 800m and his Irish coach, Br Colm was at it.

The red logo is my logo. Never miss an opportunity!

It was a great opportunity and pleasure for me to talk at such a seminar. My part was about The Efficiency of a Stride and how being inefficient can lead to injuries.

Myself and Yaz are 6 years going out next week. Jaysis Mary and Holy Saint Joseph. Unreal.

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