Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween & Dublin City Marathon

So first off. I went to the hospital today after 6 weeks from my last appointment. Had a go on the PFTs. Those bad boys went up 9% in 6 weeks. Other numbers went really high since the last one. I'm happy about it but I'm still 4% lower then what I normally am, or was back in July. I have always felt that the PfTs didn't really suit me as I don't normally find any difference in my CF/asthma when im not running. With that, I am now going for a Vo2 Max test which is basically a PFT but while running. I feel this is more suited to me and when I feel that my CF or Asthma is highlighted. Not sure why I didn't think of this before. 
I forgot I was in with Prof this week so I didn't even have any bloods or sputum done or ready. 
I'm running about 80 miles a week. I started doing steady to hard runs last week and the chest felt good but when I stop running I start coughing. I dont really understand why it happens. I don't cough during the run. 
I'm going to get a Vo2 max test and this will identify what's going on with my breathing during the hard runs!

This week 27 years ago, i was diagnosed with CF. My mam was making Transformers costumes for my older brother. While she was doing those, she was crying! For obvious reasons. So by this horrible anniversary, Myself and Yas celebrated our 6th year anniversary, which is huge and brilliant. This trumps the crappy 27th anniversary. What is cool about myself and Yas anniversary is that it falls on Halloween night, at 11:15pm (I think it's 11:45pm but the women are always right so I'll give her that!!!!!)
We went to Carton House. It was unreal. We stayed in the superior king room which was just a bit bigger then the normal room, but it didn't matter. We went to a very tasty restaurant called Picaderos in Maynooth. It's an Argentinian/Spanish joint. We ordered about 7 plates. Thank God they put us on a 4 seater because the plates took up the two tables! Fatty fatty bum bum!!!
There's a picture of Carton House and where we stayed.

It wouldn't be my blog if I didn't post some sort of controversial topic. Jillian McNulty. You might have heard of her. She recently finished the Dublin Marathon last week. 
What strikes me about the whole CF community, is that I wouldn't be surprised if Jeremy Kyle did a CF Special. The amount of bithcing, she said this he said that nonsense on social media sites. First of all, I have no idea who Jillian is, so I'm not trying to stick up for Jillian because of personal reasons.
So it all started when one person (who im not blaming for anything) put up a comment wishing her well in the marathon but that Jillian isn't the 2nd person with CF to do a marathon. I'm not sure if the media are at fault or Jillian. Who cares. So after that, everyone commented under it with spiteful posts. I know what Jillian must be going through because I get it a lot here. It's almost as if people who can't/won't exercise, sit down and bitch about the PWCF who can. Jillian trained through hospital visits, and IV treatments, which proves again that it can be done. 
CF is such a small community, but when someone does something good, you get people wishing you well, but then then the majority of PWCF start complaining like "you don't know what having CF really is" or other such personal statements of hate. 
In a way, I'm glad that I don't have personal dealing with the CF community. I'm also not trying to be a snob by not talking to other PWCF. If they get in touch and ask questions, then I will talk, but as far as wanting to know what they've done at the weekend. I actually feel worse after talking or reading about other people's stories, because yet again it's all negative BS and nothing positive ever comes from a good CF story. I can use Jillian as an example for this. She completes a marathon but yet some people with CF find it in their hearts to say bad things about her instead of congratulating her. 
Twitter he say she say arguments. I bet if we could socialise, it would turn out to be exactly like the Mean Girls movie. Because I don't talk to anyone with CF bar one, I am looking from the outside and looking at how stupid and pathetic this whole thing is. 
Jillian puts up some photos on FB, one of her pole dancing on the IV pole (personally I think that's hilarious), but if you don't like it, don't be friends with her on FB, and then bitch behind her back. What is the point? If you don't like it then don't be friends with her full stop, but don't turn a comment that was wishing Jillian the best of luck in the marathon into some sort of bitchfest. And again, I'm not saying the person who originally started the comment is at fault (you know who you are)

Anyway. Shut up complaining about one another, take your meds, go exercise, and get on with your life. God dammit!!!

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  1. Hey Evan, I'm really glad to see that you're not one of the bitchy CF's & that u see things from BOTH sides. As for "my pole dancing on the IV pole" I definitely wouldn't call it pole dancing, it's basically me posing with my IV Pole...I'd imagine if you tried to pole dance on an IV pole you'd break ur neck lol!!

    I'm hoping to get Vo2 Max testing done in the near future, as like you I don't tend to cough when I run (unless I have an exacerbation) only when I stop!