Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Loved Ones

One of my friends told me that he has so much admiration for Yas (my girlfriend). This was out of the blue because he's never even met her before. A bit weird. But then he told me why.
She knew I had something wrong with me before we start talking. Then when we started going out with one another, I told her exactly what it is. I'm sure a lot of you have had this conversation, and I know some of you have also thought that their other half might not want to stick around because of what could happen. For example, dying young, being sick and going to get transplants, and all that comes with having CF. I'm not saying that transplants are a given with CF, but its a possibility.
To know about all these possibilities or inevitabilities, and still stay by your side. It shows you how much they love you. Even though they have probably Googled the hell out of "Cystic Fibrosis" and seeing the worst case scenarios.
So my friends point was that Yas has known about all the shite that comes with CF, and has stood by my side for 6 years now. It shows a lot of balls (that's impossible for a girl) and I don't think their is many women out their who would do this. So I hope you know how much you realise your partner has to put up with and know that he or she must love you unconditionally.

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