Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday Seizure

Lets start with a good note. I won the MoRun race on Saturday. It wasn't really a race. I won by 2 minutes.a good laugh all the same.
Sunday. I woke up with a stiff calve. Didn't hurt on d run so it didn't cause me a problem. 30 minutes into the run we started to go through a forest. This is where I did my ankle in last Sunday so the rest of the group though I was slowing down because I was afraid of doing it again. What was really happening is that my eyes started rolling around my head and I couldn't focus. By the time I knew it, the group was about 50 meters ahead of me, but for some reason John came back. I still haven't asked him why! But everyone else ran on. I can remember saying "man I feel weird" and then I went down and had a seizure. I'd say I frightened the shite out of him. He caught me and put me to the ground. It lasted for about 30 seconds. After that, he ran to get the nearest phone he could, which was Farmleigh in the Phoenix Park. 4 ambulance arrived and some sort of fire truck/van (I think)
I can't remember anything else until I got into the ambulance, then dozed off again until I woke up in hospital.

The other lads who DIDN'T come back to me continued on their run thinking we would catch back up with them. Until 45 minutes later, John told them what happened. They went over to Blanchardstown Hospital and waited a few hours. 
I can't really remember much from it. They gave me a sick looking sambo and a pot of tea. I had 4 cups of tea which was amazing but didn't touch those sambos. 
At the end of it all, they said I have epilepsy which I do not believe. I have to go for an ECC to determine what exactly happened. 
So I'm back home and going to Michael McIntyre . Lets hope there is no strobe lighting. Hahah. 
My main problem is that I'm very tired and can't concentrate for very long. I get grouchy easily and keep forgetting stuff. The reason I'm forgetting stuff is that the part of your brain that causes a seizure is also the area for short term memory. 
I'm in bed most of the day and in pain from my muscles contracting so much. 

Until I remember more.....adios

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  1. Sounds really scary. I hope you are ok now and it was a one off.