Thursday, December 13, 2012

The All Clear

The All Clear

They told me I had diabetes.....they were wrong
They told me I had epilepsy.....and they were wrong
All they have to do is tell me I don't have CF and it will be a lucky trio!

So judging by the last paragraph, I got the all clear from my MRI and EEG, and even better news IM BACK ON TE ROADS!!! No epilepsy or any other strange problems! 
I was happy with the news so I went out and bought myself a new iPhone. I have an iPad and to be honest I can't live without it, and now I can't live without this iPhone and I've only had it less then 12 hours. I'm such a gadget geek!!
I also have huge news but I can't say it yet. It's about my clinic and what plans I have. So when everything is finalised, I will tell you all.
My running is shaping up without too many problems. I'm not tired, I'm not sore. It's all good and turning out to be a very good end to 2012. Although if the world ends on the 21st, unless we don't hurt and struggle well then I don't care. We will be dead so nothing is lost. Haha


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