Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Short Film on TG4

While its brilliant to see CF getting some limelight, and being on the TV. I found it to be very inaccurate at times. I might be over reacting, but people who have no idea about CF will look at that and think that people with CF can't leave the house at all.
The short film was about a family with one of the daughters with CF. The sister would steal stuff to make her sister with CF happy. 
The child with CF wasn't allowed leave the house in the fear of her getting sick, but then they wanted to go on holidays to get some Vit D for the child with CF for the winter. Why isn't the kid out getting some Vit D anyway? This is my biggest problem. We shouldn't be locked up in the house in fear of getting sick. Maybe I was brought up differently, but if your outside as a child your going to be active. Your going to be playing with your friends. 
Like I've said before, people with CF don't have a low immune system. We produce too much mucus which can be a breathing ground for bacteria. Hence why she should be out playing.
Also, she was finished her meal and then she was made take Creon. Why on earth would you take Creon after the meal? Creon never catches up with your food. 

It has just annoyed me that the film depicted the child as a prisoner in her own house. It's not the way PWCF are in real life, and definitely shouldn't be kept that way in real life.

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